Mainecoon kitten


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Sex: Female
Health tested: Yes
Advert type: For sale 
Age: 12 weeks old 
Vaccinated: Yes

Shipping: YES 🚘/ ✈️

TICA registered

Price includes: Lifetime kitten Guarantee, Health Guarantee, Airline Approved Crate, ISO Microchip, Health Certificate, Up to date Vaccination, Certified Services.


Maine coons are incredibly intelligent, fun-loving, and will keep their kittenish playfulness well into old age. The Maine Coon Cat Club calls them the “clowns of the cat world.” They’re not an aggressive breed, and will tolerate being picked up, held, and cuddled.

The Maine Coon is a massive cat with a powerful muscular athletic body in keeping with their impressive size. They have large, pointed ears held wide and tall and an intelligent expression.

If you compare Maine Coons with other cats visually, you’ll notice that this breed is significantly larger and fluffier than average kitties. They originate from the predominantly cold New England region in the U.S. and have thick double coats for winter insulation.

3 reviews for Mainecoon kitten

  1. Emin

    I fell in love with my MaineCoon kitty that I recently adopted! He has so much personality and is quite cute. He enjoys curling up close to me and purring since his fur is so nice.

  2. Mano

    My recently adopted MaineCoon cat has me completely smitten! He is really adorable and full of charm. His fur is so lovely that he likes to curl up close to me and purr.

  3. Emin

    I’m totally in love with my MaineCoon cat that I recently adopted! He exudes charm and is quite lovely. He likes to curl up close to me and purr because his fur is so beautiful.

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