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Welcome to Crown Cats Cattery, the regal destination for finding your majestic feline companion. We take great pride in connecting extraordinary kittens with loving families, providing them with a royal treatment from the moment they enter our world.

We specialize in offering a wide variety of adorable kittens, each with their own unique personalities and irresistible charm. Our kittens are raised with love and care, ensuring they are happy, healthy, and ready to become a beloved member of your family. Explore our website to discover more about our kittens, adoption process, and the joy of cat ownership.

 The list of breeds we deal with: Maine coon, Shorthair and Ragdoll.

At Crown Cats Cattery, we believe that every kitten deserves a palace of their own, filled with love, care, and endless cuddles. Our commitment to responsible breeding and exceptional kitten care is woven into the very fabric of our establishment.

Our team of dedicated professionals at Crown Cats Cattery shares a deep passion for cats and a wealth of experience in the feline kingdom. We are here to guide you through the exciting journey of kitten adoption, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your royal household.

What sets Crown Cats Cattery apart is our commitment to creating harmonious pairings between our enchanting kittens and their future families. We take the time to understand the unique personalities and needs of each kitten, allowing us to make personalized recommendations that align with your desires and preferences. Whether you seek a playful adventurer or an elegant lap companion, we will assist you in finding your feline soulmate.

Our feline nobility is raised in an environment of love, care, and utmost comfort. They receive the finest nutrition, regular veterinary check-ups, and ample socialization to develop into well-rounded and healthy individuals. Each kitten is a cherished member of our cattery, and we ensure they are ready to embark on their journey to become the heart and soul of your kingdom.

Beyond the adoption process, Crown Cats Cattery is dedicated to providing ongoing support and guidance to our esteemed adopters. We believe that the bond between a cat and their human extends far beyond the initial adoption, and we are committed to being your trusted resource for all things feline. Our blog, fit for royalty, features a wealth of information, expert advice, and captivating tales of feline companionship to enhance your regal journey.

Thank you for considering Crown Cats Cattery as your companion in finding the feline gem that will grace your kingdom. We invite you to explore our website, immerse yourself in the world of our majestic kittens, and take the first step toward creating an everlasting bond that will reign for years to come.

With Crown Cats Cattery, your feline kingdom awaits.

The Crown Cats Cattery Team

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